Midnight Man Spotlighted on Film Ireland

Film Ireland Spotlight: Midnight Man

Film Ireland‘s Paul O’Sullivan has a chat with Midnight Man director Rob Kennedy about the movie and his inspiration.

“Why do you like to be scared?” In the opening scene of Rob Kennedy’s Midnight Man, Alex explains to her friend Lauren the pleasures of a good scare: “Your heart races; your hair stands on end; your palms get sweaty. Like a rollercoaster. Or a bungee jump: the chord is there to protect you while you taste the fear, and when you bounce back to safety you get this tingly rush of relief.” Alex is obviously talking about the pleasure of a good scary movie, and I find the metaphor apt, because ten minutes in and my legs are tied, the rope is fastened, and I feel confident that my guide is in control. I dive in.

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Midnight Man will screen at the IFI, Dublin on Saturday, 26th October 2013 at 23.00 as as part of the  IFI Horrorthon 2013 which runs from  24th to 28th October.

Book your tickets here.

‘Midnight Man’ Irish Premiere Horrorthon Film Festival Dublin

We’re delighted to announce that ‘Midnight Man’ will premiere at the Irish Film Institute in Temple Bar for the annual Dublin Horrorthon Film Festival on Saturday 26th October at 11 P.M.

Tickets are available here

Philippa Carson as the demonic Alex in 'Midnight Man'

Philippa Carson as the demonic Alex in ‘Midnight Man’

‘Midnight Man’ Teaser Trailer Time

Philippa Carson as Alex in ‘Midnight Man’

Please check out the teaser trailer for ‘Midnight Man’ here and let us know why you like to be scared!

‘Midnight Man’ movie wraps, post production begins…

Philippa Carson as Alex in Midnight ManWe’re delighted to announce that our first feature film, ‘Midnight Man’, has wrapped and we are beginning post production.

‘Midnight Man’ is a horror film about an innocent young girl who summons the mythical Midnight Man for a night of thrills and unwittingly opens the door to terrifying supernatural forces…

Teaser on the way!

‘Taxi at Midnight’ to be included at Shortlatino in Spain in November of 2011.

Edward Kennedy’s short film ‘Taxi at Midnight’ will be included in Shortlatino – The European and Latin American Short Film Market – which is affiliated with the 41th edition of Alcine – the Alcalá de Henares / Comunidad de Madrid Film Festival. The film stars Ryan O’Connor, Victor Feldman, and Zena Al-Nazer. ‘Taxi at Midnight’ will be on offer for viewing by visiting professionals in Shortlatino. For more information about Shortlatino, follow this link: http://www.alcine.org/shortlatino/

‘In the Night’ for The X Fest

‘In the Night, in the Dark’ has been selected to run at The X Fest, “South Africa’s Extreme, Underground & Cult Film Festival”, which runs from the 5th to the 7th of August in Cape Town, South Africa. More details here: www.xfest.org

‘In the Night’ Boston bound

‘In the Night, in the Dark’ has been selected to screen at the 12th Irish Film Festival, Boston! The festival represents the best of Irish talent on screen and was featured in Moviemaker Magazine’s ‘20 Coolest Film Festivals‘, 2010. It runs March 24th – 27th, Boston, MA.

‘In the Night, in the Dark’ gets Irish cinema release!

Exciting news for Irish horror fans as Friday, October 22nd will see the release of super short shocker ‘In the Night, in the Dark‘ (12A IFCO) with ‘Paranormal Activity 2‘ in selected cinemas!

The film premiered at the 22nd Galway Film Fleadh in July and recently had its Portuguese premiere at the fantastic ‘Motelx‘ festival, Lisbon, and is set to screen at the following great festivals soon:

In USA at ‘Killer Film Fest‘, November 13th, in Mexico at ‘Morbido Fest‘, October, Dublin’s ‘Horrorthon‘, October 25th, Nottingham’s ‘Mayhem Horror Fest‘, October 29th, and Derry’s Foyle Film Festival, November 19th – 27th.
And that’s not all, the creepy short will also feature in the ultra cool, traveling, innovative ‘Box[ur]shorts‘ fest coming soon!

See below for a list of Irish cinemas where you can catch the short:

Movies @ Dundrum
Gaiety Cinema, Arklow
Movies @ Gorey
Movies @ Dungarvan
Wexford Omniplex
IMC Thurles
IMC Athlone

And with ‘Saw 3D‘:

IMC Dun Laoghaire

Movies @ Swords

Trailer for ‘In the Night, in the Dark’

Check out the spooky trailer for ‘In the Night, in the Dark’ here

Emma Keane hears a noise...

Fangoria speaks to the Kennedy brothers…

Directors Rob & Edward Kennedy at Galway Film Fleadh, July 2010

Marla Newborn of Fangoria Blog, ‘Newborn Dead’, conducted an online interview with directors Edward & Rob Kennedy, check it out here

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