Film Ireland Spotlight: Midnight Man

Film Ireland‘s Paul O’Sullivan has a chat with Midnight Man director Rob Kennedy about the movie and his inspiration.

“Why do you like to be scared?” In the opening scene of Rob Kennedy’s Midnight Man, Alex explains to her friend Lauren the pleasures of a good scare: “Your heart races; your hair stands on end; your palms get sweaty. Like a rollercoaster. Or a bungee jump: the chord is there to protect you while you taste the fear, and when you bounce back to safety you get this tingly rush of relief.” Alex is obviously talking about the pleasure of a good scary movie, and I find the metaphor apt, because ten minutes in and my legs are tied, the rope is fastened, and I feel confident that my guide is in control. I dive in.

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Midnight Man will screen at the IFI, Dublin on Saturday, 26th October 2013 at 23.00 as as part of the  IFI Horrorthon 2013 which runs from  24th to 28th October.

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